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04 October 2012

New Character Images

Those of you who looked at my last post on this site may remember that I said I was going to do all sorts of things to improve the story, including putting up pictures of the characters. It took a while, since I can't draw, but finally I found a site that functions for the purpose. I give you the Price of a Throne cast, first wave:
L-R: Richard Longfurrow, king Valun III, Robert Trondale, Corriodanes. John, mysterious foreigner.

Torlan, king of Gairbairia

Railon, brother of Torlan, out upon knight-errantry

Meltran, king of Brandia, exiled by rebels and in hiding in a forest.

All the names are still under consideration for changes. Torlan and Railon live in a desert, so you can't expect them to go about in armor. In fact, they're dressed more like Arabs, but I didn't have that option. So the brigantine is there to stay. Please comment, especially if this is an improvement.


  1. I prefer it when you can envision characters and this really helps.
    I like Meltran the best. :)

    1. Thanks, He's actually a minor character, though. But he may gain status in the revision. Note "first wave" there are more to come!


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