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12 September 2012

It Has Come To An End....

 All right, you can celebrate now. I've finally come to the end of this tangled bunch of chapters I think of as 
a story. Thanks to all the people who are listed in the follower box; and I single out those who bothered to try to keep up with the updates until last December. Frankly, I don't think I would finish it either in its current form. But I will keep at it, and in the interim I will put up short stories that I hope will be better and easier to read than the previous "epic".
I can say that when the next draft is complete, there will be artwork, maps, and more carefully laid out backgrounds. The story will also be much more comprehensible and easier to read. We will return to it, I warn you, but not anytime soon. It will not look the same because everything from the name of the sidekick's hound to the title of the complete work is subject to change. Until then it remains

If you made to the bottom of this post, please comment. I'd like to be sure of whether anyone's looking. If not, I will shut this down.


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