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31 January 2010

Post Acceleration

I said I was going to post every Saturday. That still goes, but I also begin to post during the week. This is because if I only publish a scene every Saturday, it will take ten months for the posts to catch up to the point I am at, by which time the film will have since been finished (I hope). I know, it's wierd, but spoilers on!

30 January 2010

The Opening, To Catch a Phantom

(At a spot somewhere remote from, civilization, a man passes a knife to another, slaps him on the back, and walks away. The second man also leaves in a different direction.)
(A man can be seen, stretched out on a bed, asleep, with a sword hanging nearby in the sheath. Focus.)
(Turn to a window of the room. Another man can be seen climbing in through it, holding a knife. The assassin spots the sleeping man, laughs quietly, and leaps down into the room. He walks over to the side of the bed, raising his blade to stab the sleeper.)
(At this point, the sleeper turns in bed, exposing his side.)
(Fortunately, the assassin has already made his move to attack the man’s previous position, and the blade goes into the bed. The assassin grunts in frustration, pulling the blade back up.)
(Having been roused by the failed attack, the sleeper brings the pillow out from under his head, turns over quickly, and tries to throw the pillow away)
(The pillow hits the assassin, who catches and rids himself of it.)
(The man who has been sleeping to this point comes awake in an instant, climbs out of the bed, and draws his sword)
(The assassin draws a sword that he carries, and duels defensively until he reaches a position which allows a retreat through the window he came through. He exits.)
(The man who had been sleeping exits through the door, which he leaves open, for an unexplained (remember, there is no dialogue) reason, the camera follows him a short way into the hall, watches him exit and returns to the room. The room remains empty for several seconds.)
(The man returns, looking straight ahead, and closes the door without turning. He notices the assassin standing beside him at the last second…)
(Zoom in tightly on the knife hand. The knife strikes. Return to full view. The target is laid out on the floor. The assassin retreats through the window once more.) Focus on the body. CUT THE SCENE RIGHT HERE!.

23 January 2010

Password problems

I have been having problems recently (forgot my password) and nrew restrictions have been put in place by my parents. I will still be posting every Saturday morning, though. Many thanks to the Scarlet Pimpernel for the publicity.