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02 December 2012

About Your Book/Idea/Thing...

I've beeb tagged by Rebecca in a book tag in which the questions are just the specs on your book. This is an interesting one, 'cause I had to put some thought into the answers. Anyway, question time:

What is the working title of your book?

The Price of a Throne

Where did the idea for your book come from?

I honestly don't have a real clue. It was mostly because I am a big Tolkien fan, but since a lot of fantasy these days seems to be nothing more than spin-offs of Tolkien, I was determined to write a story which defied all the standards of fantasy. (Well, most of them anyway.) The first bit that came to mind was that the place was called Corridane and the MC was a king named Valun, with no last name.

What genre does your story belong in?

YA fantasy

Who would portray your characters in a movie?

Now this is one I can answer. These answers are straight off the top of my head, since I do not know how to judge acting and about 75% of the films I've seen are Pixar and Marvel, or other animated films. That being said, the people I've chosen are based on the assumption that they performed well in the role  saw them in.

Chris Hemsworth would make a great Richard Longfurrow. Richard is similar to Thor.

Bernard Hill did Theoden almost perfectly. He would do a strong Torlan of Gairbairia.

Russel Crowe would be good as Torlan's brother Railon

Skandar Keynes, the bright spot of the Narnia films, is probably old enough now to be a good John Unnamed

Because Sean Bean deserves a role in which he survives the show, I want him to be Robert Trondale. However, in practice this would be awkward, because if I'm not mistaken Bean is several years older than Hemsworth, whereas Richard and Robert are one year apart, in their twenties, with Robert being the younger. 

Anthony Hopkins would be cool as Valun II

The last guy is the MC, Valun III, who would be played by... WHO KNOWS?! I don't.

And I guess, since I don't know any others, Liv Tyler would be Miranda.

Oh and by the way Tom Hiddleston is obviously a great villain actor, so he should be the EMC, Emperor Kalveston.

What is the one sentence synopsis of your story?

Ummm.... Well... A sheltered prince and his two companions are forced to flee suppression so that they  have the chance to return, redeem their homeland, and learn how to be the leaders they were born to be.

Will you be professionally or self-published?

Honestly, publishing has always been on the fifth burner on an oven with four burners. In the end i'd probably go with self-publishing, because it's probably simpler, and even though no one would know it was out there, I could still say I published.

How long did it take to write the first draft?

About two years. I finished this August.

What books in your genre would you compare your book to?

I can't say I can compare it to any other work. It's more of a contrast, since I set out specifically to write a story that defied all the usual basics. My MCs are nobles and royalty instead of commoners, adults instead of exceptional kids or older teens, and the world has zero supernatural elements; no spellcasters, no Force for them to control, no dwarves and no elves.

who or what inspired you to write this book?

See "Where did the idea come from?" It's the same answer enough that I need not say more.

What about the story might pique a reader's interest?

That's it's not the usual story. Although it's a fine line, in this story the world is blowing up while the characters grow, rather than that the characters are growing because the world is in danger. It's more about the characters finding themselves and taking responsibility than that they are saving the world.

The tagging stops here. I don't know that any of the rest of you are doing sustained writing projects.

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