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20 February 2010

My playlist

No worries! I have just this morning posted my own playlist at the bottom, which is full of awesome tunes from my fave soundtracks. Sorry, Pimpernel, that does not include any Braveheat. It is labeled as King Valun's playlist, but I am afraid it lacks Valun's theme, which is The King from Kingdom of Heaven. Anyway, from this point on, I will be macthing the songs on my playlist with the stories being posted, so watch for that!

18 February 2010

Two short scenes: Ternall's intro and the Sheriff's quick action

Scene Four
A man in a brown robe can be seen sitting silently at a desk, reading a message which has just been brought to him. He proceeds to read the message aloud.
(Zoom in)
“Urge you to abandon house, property and name. The High Sherriff has sworn himself to track you down and will soon know the residences of all the tavern owners in the city. As there are only four taverns in the city, you must leave with all haste. Having been mistaken for you, I am being followed. Will Cantrell”

Ternall: “Ha! Leave! If I leave my guilt will be obvious! But if that is the only alternative to killing the Sherriff in my own house, then it must be that way. No need to draw more attention than I want now, is there? Come Regulas! Our true calling waits! The man flips over the note, writes something on the back, and then exits, followed by a servant. (Fade out)

Scene Five

On the same day, some time later, the high Sherriff, with two more men behind him, bursts into the now empty room exclaiming “We’ll finish this-No, we missed him.” Walking over to the desk he reads a note lying there. (Zoom in on message) The note reads simply “I am the phantom. Will Cantrell warned me in good time.”
The Sherriff shouts in anger “Will Cantrell! I shall be ruined if he escapes!” tearing the paper, he dashes out of the room, followed by his two deputies. (Fade out)

13 February 2010

Introducing Wil Cantrell, the hero

Scene Three
As the scene opens, two men can be seen sitting at a table, directly across from each other. One is on the left of the camera, the other on the right. The man on the left is speaking.

Sherriff: (impatiently): “So you are absolutely sure that the Darnel pass is the safest way to travel?”
Cantrell: “I would stake my life on it, as I said”
Sherriff: “All the same, I would like some extra insurance, so I believe that I will hire guards anyway. You must know how much I and my fortune mean to the government, as you also must know about the famous bandits which are reputed to roam in the area of that pass.”
Cantrell: “If you would rather travel along the coast and add a week or more to your trek in order to go by way of the Salton pass, suit yourself. But these bandits are more numerous that you seem to imagine; and they only answer to one authority.”
Sherriff: (still more impatient, beginning to shout) “And what does this one authority have to do with my travels through the country?”
Cantrell: “Only that the reason this man has never been caught is because he lives a respectable life in the city, and does not show himself in the country very often.”
Sherriff: (speaks loudly) “If that is the case, then I say before both of you here that I will not rest until this man is locked in the safest cell in Thallnorv Prison!”
Cantrell: “You don’t happen to mean the best cell, do you? Because I don’t believe that this man merits anything more that the deepest cell in that ruin.”
Sherriff: “Of course I mean the deepest! Where has your mind gone to, man?” The first speaker thunders. “And I will show you that I have full authority to put him there without further formalities! My papers!” he snaps.
At these last words, the servant who has been standing beside the door silently until this moment strides to the table and hands his master a bag which contains several papers. The man seated at the table digs out the one he wants and passes it across the table to the other.
The second man takes the paper which has been offered and reads the following:
(Zoom in)

Feared enemy of the state; believed to be disguising himself as a respectable innkeeper. Information leading to apprehension and death of this man will earn 20,000 dalnari.

Upon reading the notice, he stands up and announces
Cantrell: (scornfully) “If that is all you know of him, you will waste your life trying to catch him. I do wish that the High Sheriff of the country had more doable matters to attend to than attempting to catch a phantom.” With this statement, he leaves the table and exits the room through the door visible on the left.
The first man and his servant only remain in the room long enough for the master to say
Sherriff: (loudly, if nothing else) “Hunting a phantom am I? We’ll see how hard it is to catch one when we know how that man spends his time!” he concludes, pointing out the window at the man passing by the window, who was the same they had seen in the room moments before
The servant rushes out the door.
The master, after retrieving his notice, looks at it again and announces to the empty room “A larger prize would possibly bring real information. After all, 20,0000 pales in comparison to my own pocket.” he exits. (Fade out)

10 February 2010

The Sheriff's introduction

(Music should cut) This scene is ten years later.
Duke: “Yes, there he is. He is usually punctual! We would have been done with this formality years ago had not that awful war interfered.”
(Sheriff has entered, walking very fast, as this is said. (Stops no more than three feet away from the Duke.)
Sheriff: “I come here, my Lord, when I am wanted, not before. I am afraid, though, that I cut rather close sometimes.”
Duke: “I noticed that. I was not expecting you to be exact to the second, yet the instant you opened the doors, the bells rang for five after dawn; exactly when you were wanted.”
Sheriff: “Then I am permitted to presume that that which I have been awaiting has come to pass?”
Duke: “It has. I have just received word that the last of the Torunds has fallen. A pledge brought from the Duke by force can not be upheld except by treachery and Regicide. I therefore award you the medallion you deserve, here, at this hour, on this day.”
(Sheriff steps forward and puts one knee down. Duke advances and places a medal around his neck, then steps back.)
Duke: “As you accept the pledge of the position, it is your honor and your life that are at stake. Rise, and guard them and everything as well as you may!” (Music resumes)

06 February 2010

First real Scene

Scene One
(A man can be seen lying on the floor of a room, shouting for a servant)
(Servant enters)
Servant: (surprised) “What happened?
?: (still shouting) “I nearly- pledge me secrecy about this- fell to an assassin.”
Servant: “Tell me why this should be kept secret? Do you not want the man caught? And how did you survive?”
?: (reveals armor underneath his suit, while still shouting at the servant) “That is exactly why it should be a secret to all! If these men discover that I am still alive, they will finish me within the week! My only hope is to go into hiding and break them as a common man. Now, I insist that you forget your service to me. Do not tell the world I am alive until I see fit to release you, but ask the Duke to replace me slowly. ”
Servant: (low tone) “I pledge that I shall forget you, as you ask, and join the new Sheriff.”

my sister's b-day

Today is my sister's huge ginormous twelfth birthday. I am only relieved that the invasion of friends (a.k.a her birthday party) will not be happening for another week. Later today, I have to go watch the big game that my younger brother Dan will be playing in (he scored his first point last week) The team, coached by Jack Blewett, has not lost a game yet. Perfect season, anyone?
Anyway, there will be another script scene below this post. Be sure to mention anything on your mind in a comment!

02 February 2010

Scene 2, backstory speech

The Man: “What could have gone wrong? He has never taken so long to complete his mission before this time! He said that he could easily go and come back within two hours, yet that time has passed, and he has not returned. The fault lies with the Torunds in any case. The Torund fortune could not compare with the fortune held by the Regulases, yet which clan always rose to the occasion to rescue one of their own from prison without paying off the guards or breaking in by night? The Torunds. Which clan bought and built several large properties for their large families, when the Regulases had to get by with two? The Torunds. Which clan received the Barony of Alphrontine as a gift? The Torunds, again. The Regulases could bear all this, but the load which brought to our knees was the announcement that the Torunds had been awarded the position of Sheriffs of the district, to be considered hereditary. The Regulases protested, demanded restitution, but did not receive even an honorary title in reply. And then the Torunds, in their new position, went after the Regulases, arresting them and finding them guilty of many things which should have remained hidden. No one could rise in protest, because the public was not aware of most of the charges brought against them. I will not say that they did not do all that they were charged with, of which they are proud, but the majority of the charges were false, anyway. Most of those charged were executed later, a crime which will not be properly avenged until all of the Torunds have died!” SCENE ENDS HERE