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17 March 2014

I Am Who I Am...

Welcome back to JT's Tales, and I am here to stay. I recently decided that two blogs was one too many and I should just keep this one, primarily because it's the one that contains my old writing work which I no longer have anywhere else. As bad as it is, I still want it around.
The most fun thing I have done recently, as lame as this might sound, is a whole string of personality quizzes...
Which means, for lack of other events worthy of a blog post, I'm going to tell you my results. Apologies for the lack of pictures. I just can't seem to get the transfer right when I get them from the internet. Anyway, below.

I am Dr. Watson

I am Captain America

I am Mr. Tumnus

I am Potato head

I am either Gandalf, Frodo, or a man. (I have come across separate LOTR tests which choose between the Hobbits, the nine walkers, or the races...)

Other character labels which I have generated include, Rumplestiltskin, Inigo Montoya, Leia, Felicity Smoak (which I don't think fits me but there aren't any good choices in that one) and Ron.

I have also recently watched Flyboys and Men In Black 2 because they appeared on Netflix. Flyboys I thought was a good movie that ended kind of abruptly. (But any good movie less than three hours long feels that way...) and I would happily watch it again, but not for six months. MIB2, however, was a dud. It seemed like their plan was to squeeze in grossness anywhere they could and there was hardly any humor. The first MIB was the funniest movie I'd seen in a long time because everything was unabashedly ridiculous, but in this ones the punch lines and gags just felt like obligatory and stale attempts to make one think they aren't watching it for the exploding aliens...

btw, the third option in the reactions bar below, which is hidden underneath, says "More pictures, with ice cream on top...