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29 April 2010

Reunions and Destinies!

This is the sequel to the story that you are making for me. It's kind of heavy on David, though.

Chapter I

Perhaps it was the eye-patch he was wearing, along with his voluminous cape, but there was something strange about the man who was to walking up Slamdoor Street in a town in Michigan early one bright June morning. You would have thought him even stranger if you had heard what he was saying at that moment. “Ah, 2565 Slamdoor Street. My old friend’s residence. I only wonder how tall his sons are now?” While speaking, he had come to a halt in front of a large purple house. “Purple, rather strange color for a house, I must say,” he mused “But then, he was always a little eccentric.” With this, he knocked on the door.
The door was opened by a tall, thin lad of about seventeen, who said, without showing a hint of the surprise he actually felt at seeing this stranger on his doorstep at such an early hour “Welcome, Sir. Will you come in?”
“I think I will, actually.” The man replied, and stepped inside.
“Now what are you here for, and who are you?”
“I was good friends with your father when he was alive.”
The boy, ignoring this irrelevant answer, once again shouted “and who are you?” into the man’s face.
At this, the man seemed to remember what he had come for, and said “I identify myself as David Mellino, your godfather, and I bring bad news.”
The boy, who had regained his composure, said with a laugh “Well, take your bad news somewhere else. We don’t need it.”
“I’m afraid that’s impossible. This bad news concerns you.”
“No! It’s true, then!”
Moments later, Mark, for that was this boy’s name, returned to the breakfast table where the rest of his family was seated, and said “We have been told. It’s true.”
Instantly, one of his younger siblings asked “What’s true?”
Standing again, Mark said “Mother, you’ll have to tell them later. The message has come.” Moving toward the entrance to the hall, he called Mr. Mellino into the room and left to pack himself a sack of clothes.
David, who had waited in the hall until he was called, came in at this point and announced “Yes, it’s true. He is not coming back. I have come to teach your son a trade, and I will return him in a few months. In the meantime, you’ll need this letter of credit.” He concluded here, as he saw that Mark was waiting in the hall once more.
It was only after they were about a block away from Mark’s house that David spoke to him again. “Now then, boy, the first thing you’ll have to do is to tell me your name. It seems to have slipped from my mind.”
“I am Mark Sponsler, eldest son of the U.S. Navy Captain Joseph Sponsler, whom I know to be dead.”
“Very good,” David replied “But how did you know that he was a Captain?”
“I observed you. You are wearing a captain’s coat and you look to be younger than my father. I see no reason why he was not also a Captain.”
“You are correct on all counts, but, respects to you, it is no longer the time to dwell on the past, because we have adventure awaiting us. And there are people I wish you to meet before we have that adventure.” Hailing a cab which had just driven up, David stepped inside and looked up to the driver, saying “Farthing Lane, Duck Shop.” As if it were the passphrase of a secret society.
With a hearty acknowledgement from the Scottish driver that Mark could hardly understand, they drove off.
“Seriously, I am rather surprised that any brother of mine would stoop so low as to drive a cab for hire.” David said loudly, to make sure the driver heard the remark.
“Or” answered the driver, who was now speaking in plain English “as the case may be, raise himself up to drive a cab. And what is the next part of the plan, David?”
Mark was shocked, but recovered himself moments later. “Is he really your brother?”
“Yes, and he’s in on this plan too.” Replied David, shrugging off his coat.
Five minutes later, they reached Farthing Lane and stopped at a little general store, the sign of which establishment loudly proclaimed it the Duck Shop. David entered alone, and a few minutes later returned with a long parcel that perpetually flopped in the middle. Mark got another shock when the driver leaned over and asked David “So brother Tony had it ready? He always liked that sort of thing.”
Stowing the floppy package under his seat, David looked up at his brother and said “1680 49th Street. You know it.” Turning to Mark, he continued “Yes. That is my residence.” Mark, who had been about to speak, shut his mouth once more.
Ten minutes later, they arrived at a large two- story house which was painted bright red. As they stepped out of the cab, David paid his brother and, as he watched him drive off, and sensing another question from Mark, explained “The house may look tall, but the fact is that the second story is built rather high. Are you ready for a dramatic entrance?”
“I’d enjoy that.”
“Then go around to back side, make your way onto the overhanging roof you’ll find, slide through the window that is kept open for fresh air, and then wait until you hear me tell them who I brought back. If they ask, you’re to jump down announcing yourself. They don’t know that I did this today. Good luck.”
Opening the front door, David shouted, “I’ve returned!” Immediately, his whole family, including his brother and nephew, came crowding around him and asking “What news? What news?”
“Nothing really” David said in reply “I’ve only been getting things set up for our little adventure. As part of that, I brought somebody home with me.”
“Who else do we need? We have everybody.”
“You don’t have me!” yelled Mark in response. Having found everything as David had said, he had climbed down the ladder silently until he was less than five feet from the floor, and leaped from there.
David had been right. Everyone was surprised. But instead of being shocked, they all began to laugh. Finally, Dameon managed to gasp out “This is another of your jokes, brother. This one’s Matt, isn’t it?”
Through the laughter, Mark got up, dusted himself off, and said coolly “It appears that I bear a striking resemblance to one of your nephews, Sir, but I am Mark. Mark Sponsler. I am under the impression that you knew my father?”
Dameon, who had recovered by this time, replied “Yes, yes, that’s right Mark, I did know him. We were good friends.” He broke off, thinking that no one could fabricate such a fantastic lie so calmly, and knowing that he had his friend’s first-born standing in front of him.
At this, One of David’s sons, Luke, exclaimed “Bear a resemblance! I think you do! In fact, I believe I know where Matt belongs, now!”
“You don’t mean that, Luke.” David answered, sounding frustrated.
“No really” Luke insisted “They’re as alike as two peas!”
“Well here’s Matthew coming up the walk now.” Cut in John, Dameon’s son “We can compare them if you like, cousin.”
At that point, Matt bust through the door exclaiming “I’ve got the supplies, Sir. Are we really going to- Mark, where have you been all these years?”
Mark remembered everything in a flash. In the next second, he was slapping matt hard on the back and answering “It’s you, Matt? Really, where have you been hiding?”
To this, Matt replied “Oh, that? Well, Mr. Mellino came to Dad a few years ago and told him he was going to teach me a trade. He couldn’t have you because you, being about five minutes older, are the eldest. Since then, I’ve been living in high society. Just wait until we both start doing this. No one will know which is which!” At this point, Matt turned to David and asked “Well, Sir, it appears that we are going on that little adventure quite soon. Is that right?”
“Yes,” David replied “it is.”
Here Dameon cut in. “All right, I guess it’s time to tell you the plan, now that everyone involved is here. We’ve received special permission from the president, and we are going to have some fun being privateers for a few years. Later, when we are all ridiculously wealthy, thanks to Spanish galleons, we’ll take the President’s pardon, and settle down once more.”
David resumed the story at this point. “just before I went to get Mark, I sent Matt to forward a request that the Boston shipyards have the Montana Ricer refitted and completely restocked. If they start as soon as they receive the message, they’ll probably be finished by the time we arrive.”
“Only if we wait for a few more weeks. The message can only travel slightly faster than our coaches.”
“I had forgotten that point. But we’re not completely prepared anyway. Are we?” David replied.
“No, we aren’t. But as Gabe already has a colleague who has agreed to aid our transportation, we can’t wait for a long time to leave.”
“That’s all great, “ said Luke when Dameon had finished “but what is Uncle Tony planning to do?”
“He has a capable partner who will run the shop while he’s away. By the way, we haven’t told anyone the purpose of this trip, so mind you don’t let it slip.”
“We won’t.”
Later, as they were sitting down to breakfast, Tony, Gabriel, and their sons finally showed themselves. “Hello everyone,” Tony began by way of greeting “I hear hat we’re about to make ourselves known as-“
“Quiet!” Dameon cut in just in time. Pointing at each of the boys in turn, he continued “They don’t know yet, so keep quiet about it, why don’t you? Gabe, who else have you told?”
“Only my colleague who is going to help us travel to Boston.”
“Didn’t I warn you?! Didn’t I warn you to tell strictly no one at all?!” Dameon began shouting “Didn’t I tell you that making this ‘little excursion’ is risking our lives?! We’re going out as privateers, and anyone who knows can get us chased and sunk for no other reason! Now do you realize the necessity of keeping the truth from the public? This could lead to our death! And now, join us for lunch, if you please.”
When Dameon had finally finished yelling, Gabriel retorted “What was the point of telling me to keep quiet, when you went ahead and yelled about it in front of everyone anyway.” He took his seat looking disgusted.
When everyone had finally calmed themselves once more, David turned to Dameon and said “You know, it isn’t as bad as you think.”
Dameon’s jaw dropped as he asked his brother “What? You’d like to be shot or hanged or whatever they’re going to do to us if they catch us?”
“Oh no, nothing like that!” David quickly reassured his astounded family “The truth is that a network of underground sympathizers in the Old World seem to know who I am, and all the messages read something to the effect of “Old alliance rebuilding. We fear war is looming once more.”
“Do they?” Dameon replied “Well, we only have to follow our original plan and use it to destroy their shipping, which will surely cause England to think twice.”
“That may be, but unfortunately, our one ship can’t be every where at once “
“Don’t worry. We’ll tell the Congress about the threat, and they’ll authorize more ships.”
“That’s all very good, but now we really must finish our meal before we do anything else.”

A Birthday

It is, you guessed it, The Scarlet Pimpernel's huge enormous 15th birthday! Witness my fingers as I celebrate this accomplishment by TSP.

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
A happy birthday to TSP
You Frenchies who seek him, everywhere, why don't you come to me?
I found his house on Google Earth, but I wish he were here!
Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I visit someday!
That time will come someday, so don't despair, and don't get caught by Frenchmen (and don't let Captain Dameon be caught by Spaniards, as I would really hate that!)
Happy birthday to TSP
Happy birthday to you!

p.s. It's not entirely my fault that the words don't rhyme- This was the spur of the moment- Captain Joseph

24 April 2010

Movie Update

Great news! I have just finished going through my script one more time and making several changes. I now have the final draft of the script, an enthusiastic cast, a reliable set director and a soundtrack! The only thing stopping us is that it's not Summer yet... (sigh). But just as soon as that time comes, the updates will be going up on this site fast and furious! - The Phantom, Director p.s. I will post some related pics as soon as I can.

16 April 2010

Fun Books

Our friend Hayden recently lent me two awesome books. One is The Silmarillion by Tolkien, which was not what I expected, but I enjoyed anyway, and the other is a historical Crusades niche adventure called Angels in Iron, about how the Knights of St. John withstood an overwhelming siege by the forces of Suleiman (did I spell that right? not sure.) Anyway, AiI is, as he said, an intense knock-down, drag-out fight to the death, at least until the end, which I could not put down for any length of time. Never mind that the graphic descriptions of gruesome death would make it the most R-rated of R-rated movies. I also expect to begin reading Rob Roy, by Walter Scott, soon. I meant to read it last month, but I never picked it up from the Library. Now I only have to face Hayden's wrath when he finds out that I accidentally bent the covers of his books... Bear with me, and I'll let you know if he kills me. (LOL)

10 April 2010


Scene Six

(Fade in. The Sheriff can be seen with several other men)
Sheriff: “You two men shall go with all speed to the pass of Darnell. I had it from the villain’s own aide that Darnell was the best way to reach the capital, but as I suspect he was told to say that to convince me to travel into a trap, you will want to proceed cautiously, and well armed.”
Guard 1: (impatiently) “There is no need to tell us to proceed armed with caution. That is our trade, after all. But we want payment in advance.”
Sheriff: (loudly) “Advance! You told me when I hired you that you would take your cut when the man is dead!”
Guard 2: (calmly) “That was before we had realized that you want to pit us against the underworld of Dalnar. Payment now, or we will leave and forget about you.” Sheriff: (impatient, gradually getting louder) I have barely got enough to cover myself now. I said that I would pay you at the end of the adventure because my fortune is in the capital, to which the Darnell pass is the straightest route, whether or not the pass happens to guarded by bandits.” (At the conclusion of this speech, he removes something from his pocket and passes it to the first guard. Guard 1 and Guard 2 exit.
Guard 3: “You have nothing to fear from us. We are honest dealers, so we will take our pay upon reaching the capital or die in the pass.”
Sheriff: “you seem to be aware that I have nothing left in my pockets. I am only lucky that I have paid for everything else which is necessary before this date.”
Guard 4:”You are correct on that score, sir, but you will find that it doesn’t make a lot of difference to us. After all, you didn’t hire us for this job alone. We are your deputies. Have you forgotten?”
Sheriff: “Oh yes, the ones I appointed only days ago to assist with this mission... Precisely”
(All exit.)

08 April 2010

Randomness from JT

What exactly is randomness from JT? Anything that pops into my head and has no relation to anything that's been going recently. Anyway, Here's the first in the randomness series: What would you do with Google dollars? For me, the largest ranch in the world and a two hundred mile Grizzly reserve. Please tell me what you would do.

05 April 2010

Lenten Developements

Greetings to the Scarlet Pimpernel and anyone else who reads this blog. (I sometimes wish I had more followers) This post is titled Lenten developments, so I will get to the point. Major stuff that happened during Lent: My dog, Thrasher, is now three years old, (I think that's major) and more importantly, my oldest brother, James (Thomas Aquinas) received his confirmation at the Easter vigil mass on the third (I am next.). Personally, I have spoken with Chris several times, but we never accomplish anything because he still has not sent me any photos. I used the time of Lent to continue the books that I am writing, and when they are finished, I will begin posting them on this blog. It turns out that I did not have much to say after all, except to say that now that Lent has passed, I will be posting regularly (About three times a week), and I want my friend the Scarlet Pimpernel to note that I am grounded from all telecommunication until I catch up in school, so do not call or expect me to call until June or July! (Maybe not quite. I am still allowed to e-mail and blog.) I must sign off now.