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10 April 2010


Scene Six

(Fade in. The Sheriff can be seen with several other men)
Sheriff: “You two men shall go with all speed to the pass of Darnell. I had it from the villain’s own aide that Darnell was the best way to reach the capital, but as I suspect he was told to say that to convince me to travel into a trap, you will want to proceed cautiously, and well armed.”
Guard 1: (impatiently) “There is no need to tell us to proceed armed with caution. That is our trade, after all. But we want payment in advance.”
Sheriff: (loudly) “Advance! You told me when I hired you that you would take your cut when the man is dead!”
Guard 2: (calmly) “That was before we had realized that you want to pit us against the underworld of Dalnar. Payment now, or we will leave and forget about you.” Sheriff: (impatient, gradually getting louder) I have barely got enough to cover myself now. I said that I would pay you at the end of the adventure because my fortune is in the capital, to which the Darnell pass is the straightest route, whether or not the pass happens to guarded by bandits.” (At the conclusion of this speech, he removes something from his pocket and passes it to the first guard. Guard 1 and Guard 2 exit.
Guard 3: “You have nothing to fear from us. We are honest dealers, so we will take our pay upon reaching the capital or die in the pass.”
Sheriff: “you seem to be aware that I have nothing left in my pockets. I am only lucky that I have paid for everything else which is necessary before this date.”
Guard 4:”You are correct on that score, sir, but you will find that it doesn’t make a lot of difference to us. After all, you didn’t hire us for this job alone. We are your deputies. Have you forgotten?”
Sheriff: “Oh yes, the ones I appointed only days ago to assist with this mission... Precisely”
(All exit.)

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