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10 February 2010

The Sheriff's introduction

(Music should cut) This scene is ten years later.
Duke: “Yes, there he is. He is usually punctual! We would have been done with this formality years ago had not that awful war interfered.”
(Sheriff has entered, walking very fast, as this is said. (Stops no more than three feet away from the Duke.)
Sheriff: “I come here, my Lord, when I am wanted, not before. I am afraid, though, that I cut rather close sometimes.”
Duke: “I noticed that. I was not expecting you to be exact to the second, yet the instant you opened the doors, the bells rang for five after dawn; exactly when you were wanted.”
Sheriff: “Then I am permitted to presume that that which I have been awaiting has come to pass?”
Duke: “It has. I have just received word that the last of the Torunds has fallen. A pledge brought from the Duke by force can not be upheld except by treachery and Regicide. I therefore award you the medallion you deserve, here, at this hour, on this day.”
(Sheriff steps forward and puts one knee down. Duke advances and places a medal around his neck, then steps back.)
Duke: “As you accept the pledge of the position, it is your honor and your life that are at stake. Rise, and guard them and everything as well as you may!” (Music resumes)

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