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02 February 2010

Scene 2, backstory speech

The Man: “What could have gone wrong? He has never taken so long to complete his mission before this time! He said that he could easily go and come back within two hours, yet that time has passed, and he has not returned. The fault lies with the Torunds in any case. The Torund fortune could not compare with the fortune held by the Regulases, yet which clan always rose to the occasion to rescue one of their own from prison without paying off the guards or breaking in by night? The Torunds. Which clan bought and built several large properties for their large families, when the Regulases had to get by with two? The Torunds. Which clan received the Barony of Alphrontine as a gift? The Torunds, again. The Regulases could bear all this, but the load which brought to our knees was the announcement that the Torunds had been awarded the position of Sheriffs of the district, to be considered hereditary. The Regulases protested, demanded restitution, but did not receive even an honorary title in reply. And then the Torunds, in their new position, went after the Regulases, arresting them and finding them guilty of many things which should have remained hidden. No one could rise in protest, because the public was not aware of most of the charges brought against them. I will not say that they did not do all that they were charged with, of which they are proud, but the majority of the charges were false, anyway. Most of those charged were executed later, a crime which will not be properly avenged until all of the Torunds have died!” SCENE ENDS HERE


  1. Exelent! Perfect Character sketch.

    ~The Scarlet Pimpernel

  2. Character sketch as in this man is insane and evil? Exactly my point.


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