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18 February 2010

Two short scenes: Ternall's intro and the Sheriff's quick action

Scene Four
A man in a brown robe can be seen sitting silently at a desk, reading a message which has just been brought to him. He proceeds to read the message aloud.
(Zoom in)
“Urge you to abandon house, property and name. The High Sherriff has sworn himself to track you down and will soon know the residences of all the tavern owners in the city. As there are only four taverns in the city, you must leave with all haste. Having been mistaken for you, I am being followed. Will Cantrell”

Ternall: “Ha! Leave! If I leave my guilt will be obvious! But if that is the only alternative to killing the Sherriff in my own house, then it must be that way. No need to draw more attention than I want now, is there? Come Regulas! Our true calling waits! The man flips over the note, writes something on the back, and then exits, followed by a servant. (Fade out)

Scene Five

On the same day, some time later, the high Sherriff, with two more men behind him, bursts into the now empty room exclaiming “We’ll finish this-No, we missed him.” Walking over to the desk he reads a note lying there. (Zoom in on message) The note reads simply “I am the phantom. Will Cantrell warned me in good time.”
The Sherriff shouts in anger “Will Cantrell! I shall be ruined if he escapes!” tearing the paper, he dashes out of the room, followed by his two deputies. (Fade out)

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