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05 October 2012

More Character Images

This is the second set of pictures for the characters of Price of a Throne. These people are not primary characters, but they all have notable roles anyway.

 Valun's father and his brother, Valnor. I had to use the throne room option to get the darkness I wanted. The setting choices are too narrow.

 This is Richard's surviving brother James. Their family and household was massacred in retaliation for the failed rebellion led by their father, who was executed and thrown in the sea.

 Kalveston, general of the Naibern armies, who orchestrated a coup in order to make the people understand what they had. "The people have grown complacent. They are too easily satisfied. I will show them how to take pride in themselves!"

Robert's family. Those guys looking the same is no accident.


  1. WOW! Great job! The characters look really interesting! :D I can't wait to here more about your book! :D

    1. Thanks. I've actually posted the story on here before, but I'm doing a complete reboot right now. Chapters go up as soon as I finish them and I will post on here to say when it starts again.

  2. Cool! I can't wait! :D I'm really enjoying your other stories! :D They are very good!


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