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29 October 2012

Valun, King of Corridane

The Official Personality Profile of King Valun III

I’m calling this a personality profile because I’m still working on world-building around him and if I said much more it would spoil what I have. However, this page does have a few biographical notes thrown in to give you a clearer picture of him.

King Valun is 25 years of age during the main body of the story

He is 6’ 6” in height

King Valun was sheltered in his childhood by a stern but kind father. In consequence, he does not have a complete understanding of what it takes to be a real leader, because he never really learned the world around him. Because of this, he frequently wishes that his father were present to snatch the reins of state from his grasp.

He does know how to mediate, but allows no excuses and very little criticism of his position, but because is unsure of himself most of the time, often asks for and follows advice from those who stay close to him.

Of the three men closest to him, his best friend is Richard Longfurrow, probably because Richard’s family is the wealthiest still living and so has high status long established.

King Valun truly cares for the people who look up to him and often tries to go among them with no regard to the trappings of state, as his father did before him. As a matter of course, he usually does not wear the crown, because the presence of it reminds him that the king does not have full license, and because he does not want it until he is forced to have it. He has himself crowned over his brother because he does not want to upset the order he feels the people expect.

He is sometimes hasty in his judgements and is susceptible to forgetting what he said the last time the subject was brought up.

His sense of duty is more important to him than whether what he is doing is wise or proper. When something seems to be his duty as a man, neither duties at home, vast distances abroad, or attractive princesses, will sway him from it.

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