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21 October 2012

And Even More Characters...

This is the last set of images in this style for the story. I almost forgot some major secondary characters.

The strange-looking dark-skinned blond guy above is Dunstan, knight of Gairbairia. He's actually only five feet tall, so as a result of "making his own respect" he's become the best swordsman anywhere.

No villain is complete without a henchman or two. His name was originally Damrod, but I've already rejected that.

 Miran, son of Torlan. He is shunned by his father because his legs and feet are deformed so he can only hobble along with the help of a strong pole or a powerful longbow, which, incidentally, he is fully capable of using. He lives on an island in the middle of the map.

Because what story is complete without a princess to snap at people? ;) It was until today that I realized her name is Miranda, seeing as she is the younger sister of Miran by about 3 years. As you might have guessed already, everybody likes her, but she doesn't really care. I forgot to include them in the pic, but she's almost constantly shadowed by six muscular black guys who've sworn to be her bodyguards because Torlan defeated them in battle.

And David, sometime anonymous servant guy, sometime advisor to king Valun. And a shout out to my best friend...:D


  1. Really like Miranda and David. :)

    1. Thanks. David's one my favorites too. My other favorite in the story is, well, everyone on this page, I guess.


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