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01 May 2010

Random Good Vibes

(exhales) Well, it is a relief to finally have an extra follower, though I will admit that I was surprised that they turned out to be none other than my original follower's older sister. Glad you enjoy my writing, anyway. which brings me to my next note. Since I started posting Reunions and Destines on a Thursday, I will continue to post the following chapters on Thursday and Monday mornings, Pacific time. The story is not finished yet, so when I reach a point at which I have not finished writing yet, the chapter will be delayed until the following posting day. You will notice that each post gets a page to itself these days to accommodate the four-page chapters I will be posting periodically from this time on.
I would like to add that I am so close to catching up on my school homework that I will possibly finish it today, in which case, if the time is no longer reasonable today, you can expect me to call you sometime tomorrow.
I salute my new follower, but I have nothing more to say. May we reunite in Brandia! (on the telephone)

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