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13 May 2010

Chapter Five

It was actually so short, that here it is. You might as well still read the other post though. And yes, I deleted chapter 6. chapter 7 is now chapter 6.

Chapter V

Little had happened since the day of the battle with the highwaymen, but the enthusiasm of the returning sailors had not diminished.
Their first stop once they reached Boston was the admiralty office. Upon arrival in front of the door, they all leapt out, racing to knock on the door. Only a moment before they reached it, however, the door opened, causing all of them to stumble inside and collapse in a heap, so great had their speed been.
The Admiral, looking up from the papers on his desk, only remarked “Not a very dignified way to enter, I must say. You must present yourselves properly before I will hear what you wish to say.”
Silently, everyone rose from the floor, straightened up, and marched outside again. After they had spent several minutes doing their best to dust off their coats and hats, they formed into a perfectly straight line and marched through the door, facing the desk in a line, all saluting stiffly.
When they were finally in place, the Admiral spoke again. “Much better. Now who are you and what are you here for?”
Dameon elected himself spokesman for the rest. “My apologies, Sir. I can only say that we are eager to return to the open sea, and those feelings seem to have carried themselves farther than they should. Allow me to present us. My brother and his son, David and Luke. My other brother and his son, Anthony and Michael, and my other brother and his son, Gabriel and Raphael. The two boys on the end are the eldest sons of the late Joseph Sponsler. Lastly, my son John and myself, Captain Dameon Mellino.”
“It may come as a surprise to you who are older, but Anthony there has been commissioned to flag rank. Work has begun on his squadron.”
In reply to this announcement, Anthony stepped forward and said “Pardon me, sir, but do I actually have a ship yet?”
“Yes. Your flagship is to be that line-of-battle ship of sixty guns that your brothers captured in the last war.”
Unable to hold back their excitement any longer, Dameon and David exclaimed suddenly “That ship? Be grateful! We nearly died five times capturing it!” Taking their leave of the Admiral, they lead their party out into the cab once more.
The Admiral, who looked stunned at their departure, called after them “Have you lost your minds? You can’t win a war with only one hundred and ten guns!”
En masse, the party replied “We can!”


  1. By the way, sorry about all the confusing typos in the first four chapters. I only just saw them all. Really, leaving out entire words...

  2. Which ship? The Ricer? The George III? the Viper? the Red Dawn?

    ~The Pimpernel

  3. Sorry, I messed up on that one. The one I had in mind was the Toro, but than I read the script and was reminded that you hadn't captured that one. I don't care which British ship it was, because I renamed it.

  4. *rofl*
    HAHAHAHAHA! I think that was my favorite chapter so far. hehehe!
    Danny: I have a problem with that. I am more dignified than that and I would NOT fall through a door.
    Hannah: *laughing* Yes you would! HAHAH!

    *applaud, applaud* MORE! MORDOR! MORE!

  5. You would fall through a door if everyone else was falling in behind you!


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