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23 June 2011

Title And Synopsis

I'm putting this up a week ahead of time so you can all take advantage of it. I call on all the nobles of Corridane (my followers) to PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND! Repost this! Link back! Whatever! I need critics! Notice I did not say I need people who will like my work. I need people who will criticize my work.Through the course of this story, I expect everyone to hide behind their semi-anonymous blogger personas and be ready to complain. In addition, Scarlet Pimpernel, release the quotes! That said, here follows what I'm asking you to spread:

Four Kings

A young king reclaims his lost throne, with the aid of three life-long companions, One of whom is not who he seems to be. Soon afterward, he finds himself called to regain something more meaningful than royalty.  Meanwhile, a dark emperor has risen on the king’s borders, seeking to subdue all those free from his rule. Separated, the three friends must fight for their lives against great odds. In another land, an even greater price is paid. All those who would stand against tyranny must unite if they are to defeat their foes. But even then, the price has not been paid in full. What is the price of a throne? Will good or evil reign over Corrbrangairia for all time? If you wish to know, you must ride with the four kings!
A New Weekly Serial Coming To JT’s Tales July First, 2011

Strength! Wisdom! Justice!

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