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26 June 2011

Notes On Price Of A Throne

To make fully certain that my upcoming story, The Price of a Throne, is sufficiently comprehensible, I am posting this page of notes that I originally wrote for myself to describe the overall setting:

Ruler: Valun III
Capital: Corrandion
Other large cities: Carribeasa, Berunthia.
Terrain: flat, fertile. Few hills, scattered trees.

Ruler: Meltran
Capital: Bernola
Other large cities: Birixia, Traumaval.
Terrain: hilly, one major forest.

Ruler: Elmbran II
Capital: Varaskel
Other large cities: Taronga, Brilmain
Terrain: One major lake, one major forest, mountainous

Ruler: Torlan
Capital: Gaimaron
Other large cities: Goman, Trepalenmar
Terrain: Entire country is desert, except edge all the way around. There is a Nile valley style river alongside which the capital is built.

All the countries produce enough food to be self-sustaining to a great extent, excepting, of course, Gairbairia, which trades heavily with nations to the East. The best craftsmen are found in Brandia. The people of all the countries believe in God, whom they refer to variously as The One Who Rules Us All, The Great One, or simply The One. It takes approximately 10-14 days to cross any country from East to West at a brisk, steady pace.  All water flows basically from South to North.
The layout of countries is in the most straightforward manner possible. Facing North, Corridane is in the Southwest corner, Brandia is in the Northwest corner, Ronaiera in the Northeast, and Gairbairia in the Southeast. The empire of Naibern stretches from the Westernmost edge of Corridane to the Eastern edge of Gairbairia, on the Southern border of those countries.Corridane, Brandia, and Ronaiera have extensive seacoasts to the west, north, and north, respectively. Gairbairia is landlocked.

p.s. Thanks are in order to Velvin, who linked to my blog like i asked my followers to do. I promise you that will be the last time I pull that stunt.

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