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19 January 2013


Yes, I got two chapters up, but now i'm taking a break for a while, after breaking out of the doldrums, to begin rebooting in earnest. As I have said before, no one is safe from the reboot, so some characters will be altered or deleted. But if you don't read this blog that's not a big deal, is it?
Anyway, I am currently:
  1. Rethinking my plot strategy
  2. Arranging poorly drawn maps for the purpose of defining national and international political boundaries.
  3. Changing characters' names
  4. I may even invert the map north to south (or even East to west). This would be in the interest of out-of-the boxness but is unlikely to go through b/c as the English speaking world is the "Western world" this goes against our natural map perception, and simply adds confusion.
  5. I should throw this in since my royalty all have nonsense syllables in place of the usual names for no reason: All those names are read w/ the stress on the first syllable.
  6. Thanks for checking this.

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