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25 January 2013

Name Changes

I changed a few names in the story, and I'm putting them up here to avoid any danger of confusion later.
The obligatory sidekick to my hubristic emperor.
Old name: Damrod, which never sounded good but worked as a placeholder.
New name: Keltran, which sounds slightly better. At least it's easier to say.

A side character who is not important and never will be, but he moves things along.
Old name: Meltran
New name: Calvon
He's eligible for one more name change. I liked his old name better but changed it so as not to conflict with Keltran.

One of the big four major characters. I was constantly getting his name confused with the others, and it didn't strike me as right either.
Old name: Robert
New name: Conan, which looks even worse when you read it but was the best replacement I could find.

Anybody have suggestions? What name, nonsensical or otherwise springs to mind when you see these guys? Any suggestions will likely be used.

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