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02 January 2011

Maturin And Duvall

This is what I do on this blog; post serials that I wrote. Please read all chapters.

Chapter Six

Treading carefully in the darkness below the deck, Jack Maturin made his way through the ship until he reached the portion which had been set aside for the confinement of the prisoner. Approaching the sentry silently, he said “I am Captain Maturin. I have leave to speak to the prisoner.”
The sentry replied rudely, saying “A captain without a ship ain’t got leave to do anything… Sir. Maybe if you knock McNeal on the head someday, then you might have leave to act.”
“I’ve had enough of this ship. If you don’t move aside, I have leave to knock you on the head.” Maturin gritted out, letting his hand stray toward a knife he carried in his belt.
“If he matters that much, then I believe I can give you a few moments.” The sentry admitted, stepping out of the path to the door.
“I will take as long as I wish! And you will mind that you don’t hang about the door!” Without another word, Maturin pushed past the sentry and forced open the door of the prisoner’s cell.
The prisoner’s room was so small that it was nearly pitch-black, even at the height of the afternoon when the hatches were open. Maturin stood, silent and motionless, for what might have been several minutes before a voice came out of the darkness.
“What have you come for? I ain’t tellin’ you anything, so kill me now, why don’t you?”
“The reason, Jack Duvall, that I have not tried to knock you on the head already is that I am not William McNeal. I am Jack Maturin, whom McNeal treacherously held aboard this ship while my own sank not one hundred yards away.”
“I can tell by your voice that you ain’t that blackhearted coward, so as you’re someone else, what do you want from me? I haven’t got anything to give.”
“What I have come for is the only thing you have to give: information on the island of Richontor. McNeal is already suspicious of you, and has told me as much. If you tell me everything, we will be able to join forces, defeat McNeal, and keep all the treasure to ourselves. We have both suffered injustice at McNeal’s hands, and we shall make him pay. What do you say, my friend?”
“I say” replied Duvall “That you must listen carefully, for this is how to-“
“Just a moment” Maturin said, cutting Duvall off. Opening the door, he grabbed the sentry and quickly dispatched him with the knife in his belt, pulled the body into the cell, and shut the door once more. “Go on.”
“Survive Richontor.”

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