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15 October 2010

A Group Tag

 There aren't a lot of questions in this tag, nor are there the usual ones, due to the awkwardness of asking a Medieval king and a mysterious crime boss questions we would answer today.

What do you use most to communicate?
JT: A landline
King Valun: A good rider.
The Phantom: A sharp blade.

What's your favorite music?
JT: Rohan music from LOTR.
King Valun: The King. (from KoH).
The Phantom: Revenge.

Would you move to another country?
JT: Not willingly. Depends where.
King Valun: Of course not! I'm a king! (mutters.)
The Phantom: If I could dominate the people with fear.

What's your hobby?
JT: Writing 'novels'
King Valun: What is a hobby, my good man?
The Phantom: Terrorizing the countryside! (laughs)

If you could be present anywhere, at any point in history, where would you go?
JT: to Thermopylae to stand with the 300, or the battle of Midway.
King Valun: At my father's side in Brandia.
The Phantom: With Regolas when he attacked Torund.

What's your favorite color?
JT: red.
King Valun: red.
The Phantom: The color of fear! (laughs crazily)

If you had a favorite animal, what would it be?
JT: A Grizzly Bear.
King Valun: A falcon.
The Phantom: A snake.

If you had a motto, what would it be?
JT: Keep it simple.
King Valun: Strength, wisdom, justice.
The Phantom: Fear is the best offense (and defense)

If you suddenly had a million (tax-free) dollars, what would you do?
JT: I hope I would split it, donate half, and pay debts with the rest.
King Valun: Only one million? Donate, of course.
The Phantom: Keep it! What do you expect?

What's your favorite literature?
JT: Anything good.
King Valun: The book of kings
The Phantom: The book of the dead.

Note from JT: Though King Valun and The Phantom are my aliases, their opinons are not necessarily mine.
Another note: To do this tag, you have to answer each question, and then add the answers you think your two favorite historical/fictional characters would say.

I tag TSP, Hannah, Saxon, and Velvin.


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