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25 October 2010

The Adventure of the Chicken Legs & other Phobias

It started normally enough. Recently, my parents decided it was time to go through the annual slaughtering of the meat chickens. So they prepped their scalding vat and their plucker (both machines which my dad is extremely proud of, I can't tell why) and rounded up the ones they had selected. After about ten minutes of the procedure, it was time for me to go play soccer (as that has no part in this story, I'll skip over it) In any case, about an hour later, I returned to discover... disembodied chicken legs in the kitchen sink. I promptly (I kid you not) shouted "Dan! There are real chicken legs in the sink!" to which he replied "What, did you think they might be fake?" as if nothing was wrong. (This only makes me wonder where disembodied chicken legs usually wind up. Apparently, in the sink.) I know, lame story. And now for the phobias.
1. Flyballphobia: fear of contact between a sports ball and one's face. I've been fighting this since I was six years old. To this day, I refuse to catch any sort of ball heading for my face.
2. Disemboweledfowlphobia: fear of disembodied parts and/or guts of an animal. Just plain creepiness.
and last and worst, Publicspeechphobia: fear of speaking in public, obviously. I got this one after saying one too many stupid things around certain people. Have been silent in public for  five years, and just last night decided to buck it off. Wish me luck.

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