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17 November 2012

The Price of a Throne Personality Test

Who are you? The leader who learns on the job? The fearless champion? Or the rock who was sent along to make sure they both survived? ;)
The answers to the questions below come from the characters of the story I'm working on. The letter A matches one character, letter B the second, and C is the third. I have a feeling some of these questions are loaded for certain answers, but that was not my intention. If you look at this, please comment to say who you are.

1) An enemy champion is spreading ruin in the midst of your forces guarding the wall. You are about to be attacked yourself. You:
A) Face him, you are the leader and must rally your men.
B) Shout your challenge and attack; you are the champion for your side.
C) Can't beat him with weapons, so you dive off the wall holding him in your iron grip.

2) You most value
A) your good name
B) your skills
C) Straight honesty

3) You've been sent from home, not knowing when you'll return. You take: 
A) Nothing. In your heart you don't believe it's true.
B) Your favorite weapon and a memory
C) Nothing that hasn't already been packed for you.

4) You most often find yourself:
A) Being quiet and thinking
B) Trying to wisecrack your way through the ice
C) thinking of reasons why it will not go well

5) To claim loyalty to your house, future patriots would wear a sign of a: 
A) Falcon in flight, the symbol of your house.
B) War helm with a black horsetail crest, "your trademark"
C) Broken sword, which commemorates a family legend

6) The person or thing you most respect is:
A) Your parents
B) Your role model
C) the established rules

7) You'd wear a cape because:
A) You need it to look the part
B) It looks good on you
C) Who'd wear one? The stupid things get in your way

8) When faced with real hard work, you:
A) Jump in without thinking and then find out what you got into and stick through it.
B) hesitate. You don't think yo've been asked to do any such thing before.
C) Jump in willingly, hard work is what you're good at.

9) How responsible are you?
A) Scared of responsibility, but willing to learn the ropes
B) Somewhat, but boldness and excitement often get the better of it.
C) Fully. You know what you're doing, all the time.

10) If you catch a bully in the act, you:
A) hesitate and decide whether you would survive the situation before proceeding
B) Hesitate only long enough to prepare to fight back properly
C) walk in and fight back without putting on airs 

11) As a leader, you:
A) are wary of your own judgement, but take the lead because you are asked
B) Take the lead happily; you are in your native element at the front of a team
C) secretly wish you could be a follower. You are clumsy at leading but forceful through honesty. You lead only if ordered.

If most of your answers are A, you are king Valun. Not a strong leader, but he will be. Never wavers from the duty he puts upon himself.

If most of your answers are B, you are Richard Longfurrow, fearless champion of the realm. Confident to a fault, Richard is always ready to meet any problem head-on. You have the charisma to go with your confidence to make men follow you into battle.

And if most of your answers are C, you are Robert Trondale; careful, skeptical, and blunt. What you really want is justice for all and honesty from all. You speak your mind and expect others to do the same.


  1. As far as I can tell I am King Valun. 'Not a strong leader, but he will be. Never wavers from the duty he puts upon himself.' :)
    Cool quiz.

    1. Thanks. I'm Robert. You can guess what that means...:D

  2. I got mostly Bs! So I guess I'm Richard Longfurrow! Awesome!! :D Cool quiz!! :D Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks. Thinking of those questions really helped with developing their personalities,'cause I had to make sure all the answers were distinct. The story's moving along well and will return soon.


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