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20 March 2011

An Update On My Writing

I thought my followers might appreciate knowing when they can expect to see new episodes of any stories I am posting. I will also tell you now what point the active stories have reached. All new episodes will be posted on the day they are completed, or during Lent, on a Sunday.
  1. Reunions & Destinies: My second-longest  overall and longest active story, this tale tells of the adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel and his brothers as they take to the seas to save America from the War of 1812 and a half. It is ongoing and, to date, consists of 32 chapters and 75 pages. The current chapter (the one not yet posted) continues the adventures of David, Gabriel, and the sons.
  2.  Pirates Of The Seven Seas: The Forbidden Sand: This is a plot that The Scarlet Pimpernel sent to me when I told him I needed more plots to write. I have expanded the original story, and am writing it in a short-story phase style. The story to date consists of 8 chapters and 12 pages. The upcoming chapter tells how McNeal fails to capture the fugitives.
  3. Last and least, The Elevator To Mars: I know, Scarlet Pimpernel, you don't like it, but Velvin and a friend of mine who does not blog have said I should continue it, so I will. This is simply a ridiculous story which I made up for no reason at all and will not be longer than four parts. The second part tells the progress and outcome of the interrogation conducted by the clueless Martians.
  4. My longest work, which I will not yet disclose the name of, consists of 32 chapters on 130 pages. I will release it following the completion of the three titles above and the release of a publicity post or two. I would greatly appreciate it if my followers were to treat those posts as tags, and I will say so again within the posts themselves.

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