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12 December 2010


We saw the newest Narnia movie today. Though I there were some parts I was not happy with, the good parts outweighed the bad in my opinion, and by the time it was over I had thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a relief to find that kid cast as Eustace turned out to be an above-average actor. Also, the ten-minute? long battle between Caspian & co. and the slavers (who did practically nothing in the book) was very fun to watch. The mystic swords did make the quest more interesting by the end, but my dad said it smacked a little too hard of LOTR. And: Ben Barnes has improved his acting! he is tolerable, and possibly even good, in this film as compared to the last one. the climactic sequence, that kept flipping between Eustace and the ship until the last instant, was very enjoyable. Just one question: why is Edmund still afraid of the white witch? She's been dead for 1300+ years! The trailer confused us all Because Lucy looks so much like Susan in this movie, but that turned out ok. My favorite small-part performer was Corakin the wizard. The Dufflepuds were still hilarious, but their funny bits were lost on my bad hearing.( I found out what the jokes were later) The parts i had anything against were mostly just in the early dialogue and Lucy's preoccupation with looking like Susan, which was really boring. But hey! the score was awesome! And the movie was for the most part good enough, even though most people don't appear to think so. even showing primarialy in 3D, it has made only 24.5 million dollars in the U.S to date. But the foreign fans are keeping it alive! congratulations! It probably will not surpass PC's total, though.

May you reighn long and well

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  1. I reeeeeeeaaaaaaly liked it. I think the fight with the slavers was AWESOME!!! Though,yes, it did have a bit of a LOTR theme kind of going through it. Also I hope it makes a heap of money so that they'll get an even bigger budget for the next Narnia film.



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