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24 September 2010

Some Thoughts on The Two Towers & Memorable Quotes from my Travels

Now, first off, The Two Towers. I read the book again recently, and finished watching the movie again this morning. As twisted as anyone may think the movie is, it is changed in the name of more drama, and definitely could not have been filmed the way it was written. The worst changes were, of course, Gimli becoming comic relief, and Gimli replacing Eomer in the battle of Helm's Deep, causing Theoden to say some of his lines. Also, the omission of the Huorns, which were replaced by Eomer and his men.
Now, second, some quotes.

 "Evidently, we look so much alike that your wish to make an incurable dent in my hat must be excused."- to Gimli, on his similarity to Saruman

"The battle for Helm's Deep is over. The battle for Middle-Earth is about to begin."

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