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14 June 2010

Reunions and Destinies! characters

Ok, so you know who the Reunions and Destinies characters are: Daniel (Dameon), David, Anthony, Gabriel, and myself, Joseph (J.T.) Sponsler. Other friends of mine make appearences later in the story, most notably the villian. Because there was no longer any room for him on our side, (if he was going to have a central part, that is) Christopher Counihan did not make the cut as an American. Instead, I misspelled his name on purpose so it would sound somewhat Spanish. Maybe it sounds Portuguese? You tell me, 'cause here it is: Cristobol Coinhara.
All right, so that's not the true reason for this post. The true reason for this post is what the characters look like in my head, because of my consistent failure to describe anyone properly.
  • The four Mellinos: They look the way they do in the yet-to-be released Privateers and Patriots film to be filmed by Lord & Lady productions. I don't remember the exact descriptions from the script, so I wont say more about them here.
  • Myself: In R&D, everything about me is opposite to what I really look like. In short, I am tall, strong, agile, and sport neck-length hair and a small beard about four inches long. I am also an excellent swimmer and runner.
  • Spaniards, yes ALL of them: For no discernible reason, I can't resist superimposing Jack Sparrow's face and hair on the head of any Spaniard. Attack of the Pirate Clones, anyone?
  • Call me narrow-minded, but all English deckhands wear white shirts with short sleeves, hair slightly shorter than mine, and go hatless. English officers wear blue coats and tri-cornered hats
  • Our sons: Mark, Matt, John, Luke, Michael, and Raphael
  1. Mark and Matt are my boys. They are identical twins who are 17-18, six feet tall, have long black hair like mine, and enjoy practical jokes. The only difference is their opposing personalities.
  2. John: Dameon's son is 13, of average height, has short brown hair, and more sense then the rest.
  3. Luke: David's son, is 12, of average size, has curly, flaming red hair for no reason at all, is already an accomplished boxer, and is the only one to succumb to sea-sickness.
  4. Michael: Anthony's son is 16, tall (nearly six feet himself), has average length black hair, is a natural aim, and doesn't always think before he acts.
  5. Raphael: Gabriel's son is the same age as Michael, has brown hair, is only slightly shorter, and an accomplished escaper of tight spots.
There you have all the central chaacters!

-The Phantom

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